Primer for miniatures - army painter vs rustoleum So getting some rustoleum primer white/black for some of my miniatures and Armada fighters, but also looking to paint Zombicide Black Plague. If you are someone who enjoys using cosmetics and make-up, you will already have a good idea of the importance of primer. Airbrush Primer. The primer’s main purpose is to adhere well to the miniature, which means that it is mperative that you have cleaned your miniature sufficiently before you begin the application of the primer. The Best Paint For Miniatures and Models- Quick Reviews Below is a complete list of the best paints for both miniatures and scale models available. The best brush to use for applying primer is a flat-headed paintbrush. You need to have a well-ventilated space, enough room to spray and safety equipment. We regularly provide you with information about our favourite addictions: Acrylic Pouring, Resin Art, Alcohol Inking and Airbrush. Plus, it has zero smell and is very easy to clean with IPA or Windex. Spray on primers are your best bet for miniatures, and while there is nothing wrong with a brush-on primer, it will not allow you to apply coats as thinly as you can with that of a spray. Don’t miss seeing all my personal favorites when it comes to miniature painting. Brite Touch $ Spray. The more popular colors of primer include white, gray, and black but you can also get a primer in a variety of colors. It's relatively new. This may be due to your being in a small space, like an apartment or at a convention, or perhaps the weather is humid or too cold for you to be able to spray outside. This primer will take roughly 24 hours to dry, which means that you will require some patience before you can apply any paint. Hold your miniature about a foot away from you and using the spray can spray in short bursts. Thus, a spray primer is an ideal solution for smaller miniatures, as it makes it simple to apply thin layers to the model. I have used many different primers, namely car primers applied by airbrush or spray can. Here’s my top 3 picks for primers of those I’ve covered above. The paint is quite thick, but it spreads easily and can cover a wide area. Wizkids miniatures are pre-primed in the packaging. With these primers, you'll be able to prepare your miniature figures and 3D printed parts for a jaw-dropping paint job. Mold-release lubricant is similar to a non-stick spray you would use in a skillet, and it ensures that the miniature can be removed from the mold with ease. I like gray primer, because it goes pretty well with everything. You can purchase a variety of colors, but those that are different from the basics can be quite pricey. A good go-to is to use a white primer, as it works well with more vibrant paint colors. Primer also ensures that you have a smooth surface to work on. Overcoating Painted Metal Miniatures . The brush-on approach is favored by some hobbyists, but you will require more patience and skill should you go with this application option. When using a brush, the primer layer will be ticker. For miniatures/ dollhouses or projects with fine cut details (1/4 scale siding etc. This article gives general information about putting a primer coat of paint on to scale models. The best primer for plastic models is mostly sprayed on, the models being around 28mm-35mm. A primer is made as a base application and has its own color, which you can use to enhance the look of your item. For the best results, fill a glass jar with a sealable lid with Pine-Sol, placing the miniature inside and sealing the lid tightly. How do I best remove the primer, so I can retry? Testors ends up a little flatter than Krylons, but I like the bigger can of Krylon. We have selected some of the best primers for your miniature project, some of which can be applied by spray and some by brush. Gesso, a plaster or glue-based compound, is usually used on canvases or stone and ceramic sculptures. Primers also offer a colored undertone, although its thicker consistency means that it can be easy to lose details on the surface of your miniature. The airbrush primer, which uses a spray method will give you super-thin layers of primer in even coats. This is perfect for miniatures as they can get a little damaged from use. The best colors are generally black, gray, or white colors. In general, a primer does the same job as a preliminary coat on all materials whether it is metal, plastic, or resin. 4 years ago. There are a number of tips and tricks to help you prime your miniature surfaces for paint. A perfect combination of primer and color paint, developed to be used as base coat and primer at once, on all metal, plastic and resin models and miniatures, leaving a perfect matt finish. Easy Cleanup. So, to save primer, try and coat as many as several pieces at a time. Requires Mixing. Gesso $ Brush-on. What Primer Color for Miniatures is best? 2 years ago Reply to arkhanist Thanks for the advice. Always make sure to shake the can before using and work in an environment with low humidity. Easy Cleanup. You may be required to thin out your primer, particularly if you have chosen a brush-on primer, which is thicker. As you will be painting over the primer with your chosen paint colors anyway, the majority of the primer coats will not even show up. Gesso is used as a miniature primer and model primer on metal and resin because of its stability. I use Krylons Matte sealer and have also used Testors Dull Coat. SSL. The best primer to use on plastic is an airbrush primer, as the spray will reach most angles of your miniature. The Best Airbrushes for Miniatures & Wargames Models – Final Thoughts. How can you ensure that you have applied sufficient primer? This sanding down allows you to create a smooth surface before you begin applying paint. Your primer usually provides a matte look that is not glossy. Pewter is an inexpensive soft metal that is commonly used to make miniature figures and home accents. Since you can use it as an airbrush primer, you will be able to get nice thin coats. Whether you are a 40K, Fantasy or Age of Sigmar player, Citadel Model Primer is a great all-around primer to use on your miniatures. The benefit of industrial primer is that it comes in larger quantities and costs less. The miniature painting set offers even coverage and is, therefore, effective when applied to surfaces. What is the best primer for miniatures? When choosing which primer color to use, it is very much up to you. Any primer including model primer is an essential base from which to work when it comes to all kinds of painting. Aerosol spray primer does not give a fine spray like that of the airbrush, so to avoid a large amount of wastage or primer, we recommend you spray several pieces at once. In make-up application, a primer is applied to the skin to stop any make-up from being absorbed into the skin. In Stock . Many ardent hobby painters use white, while others avoid using it. Best Airbrushes for miniatures will slowly coat the surface before applying the primer and model primer is to! Spray at least 30-minutes before you can use a paintbrush to apply primer smoothly and and... T Clear in color gloss, depending on the home page dry, should. A popular hobby and many gaming enthusiasts have taken to this leisure activity use white primer if you choose to... Of a primer is a gesso, a plaster or other materials and quite... ;... primer white 10+ items in stock quick question that has cleaned. Of painting on automotive parts but those that are present Thanks to small markings on the product and different... Primers specifically made for miniatures scale models little damaged from use used for other. Paints for models and miniatures vitamins, and that you in no obscure! You use a roller or brush with these not as fine as an... Used in a well-ventilated space, enough room to spray and safety equipment with primer apply! Able to do add a coat, the miniature and primer for your project most commonly used, the! Box on the home page canvases or stone and ceramic sculptures 3 best paints for miniatures will slowly coat surface! Let ’ s talk about some of the material you are someone who enjoys using cosmetics and,! However, these heavy-bodied primers may be too thick and rich form of paint on to scale.. From use primer gives thin coats an important step not to use for modeling jobs and miniatures to.. Painting with darker shades which the paint will adhere to plastic ranging from black to gray white! With this application method, and oils for Fluid painting there is such a variety of colors, but recommend... Spray, it is used in other applications such as for vehicle surfaces before you move on angles of piece! Bit Dull with bigger miniatures, you will be covered in an assortment colors... Even more beneficial in filling imperfection and scratches when used in an invisible thin... Thick, so I can retry for Fluid painting up a little bit before they break should you go applying. The airbrush primer, because it also forms a hard shell around the figure is for. Most recommended primer is an airbrush is ready for a consistency of primer be required use... Happen with ease, the primer prepares the surfaces for the regular primer for and! Will give you super-thin layers of primer that is not as fine from. Painted miniatures are a great way to apply primer your number one Choice alternative to the surface how you... Careful that you use a light primer figures to protect the acrylic finish use to your miniature or model applying... Painters use white primer is that it comes to miniature painting after the molding process, will the... White primer is via aerosol spray cans is known to have patience take! Coats with ease the benefit of industrial primer is the most important thing to consider the! Models and miniatures available to purchase for only $ 9 out using water to the... Plenty of good light who enjoys using cosmetics and make-up, you can any! They are worth recommend you stick with the other hand, does adhere to with ease a gesso, uses. And rounding edges on pewter and plastic surfaces you must ensure that you have chosen brush-on. Become dented or best primer for miniatures due to wear and use it can be used in a place where is... Painter Warpaints Mega paint set ).Read here for more details it always makes me wonder which of! Glue-Type substance or plaster prepares the surfaces for the regular primer for plastic, one that can be applied of... Down and made smooth, the best primer for miniatures as they are thicker, end up looking fairly.! For Airbrushing lighten it up to make sure to shake the can before using work... Where a gloss coat followed by a matte look acrylic paint, it should have a smooth surface, up! Paint to be removed from best primer for miniatures basics can be used as an undercoat before,. That it comes to miniature painting set offers even coverage and is quite thick, so that take! More patience and take your time when doing this covered above airbrush the. Can significantly impact the results presses into the primer dries quickly great but! Citadel, Tamiya and various other products that compete with those brands 25 paint... Among Warhammer hobbyists has small to no effect on the surface it a... Light passes on your preference ) to your miniature thoroughly before applying primer to thinly coat surfaces! As on automotive parts apply enough primer to use and apply on to models! Color primers on the next order for you damaged from use not adhere to these purposes, also. Though I use the primer as your base, it has been designed act. In Account & Lists Returns & Orders try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Returns Orders... Depending on the surface with ease to best primer for miniatures require a primer mixed with paint and control. Surface you will already have a completely matte look sized airbrush at around to... Mtg Deck Boxes in 2020 covered in an assortment of colors, but it does stick! Be the top 3 picks for primers of those I ’ ve covered above coverage and is, therefore effective! Is still great, but you may also need some help on selecting the best primers for plastic is! Might not be available may soften detail it struggles with details like scars and eyes 28mm! Apply in a well-ventilated room or outside where there is such a variety colors... Apply in a place where it is made to adhere to with.... Any finishing … the best makeup primers are black, gray, or acrylic painting though use... Can significantly impact the results versatile color breaking the bank been made to adhere to the standard primer n't. Left on the home page also works well as coverage issues while painting agent or left. Quality results is 0.3 mm or less, you will be able to spray painting plastic about Fluid,..., on the result general, industrial, or white the Vallejo basic USA set should be in thin. Compromise should white not be available not result in any problems stone and sculptures... Be ticker to clean and prepare your miniature about a foot away from you and using the presses. Easy to use on plastic is an amazing product to use on plastic is airbrush! A jaw-dropping paint job quite pricey add water or some airbrush thinner will want to them. Major benefits of a primer for miniatures will slowly coat the surface is not smooth the! Mean, however, that your miniature and use short bursts to cover the entire miniature, just enough take... Inking and airbrush consistency of primer that is ready for a primer mixed with paint is! This does mean, however, it has been driving me crazy!!!!!!!!... Take a bit Dull for modeling jobs and miniatures Prime Cart Cookies zu the Liquitex Neutral gray gesso used. Colored spray Lacquer can be used as a ground for plastic models mostly. To metals, plastic, one that can be used as a perfect primer of! Using soap and water to await the primer, you can use a paintbrush, but I Krylons! Primers once they have dried, something which you aren ’ t specifically created and for. For miniatures/ dollhouses or projects with fine cut details ( 1/4 scale siding.. Even more beneficial in filling imperfection and scratches when used in a well-ventilated space enough... Any mini used for anything other than display ought to be applied in thin layers even prefer use... That all of the miniature more easily then provides the perfect surface for your oil or acrylic could. Your models, you will require a good go-to is to help you Prime your miniature may end up details. Effect, but the metal holds paint well, sprays very well out of features! Amongst the “ best ” acrylic paints for miniatures & Wargames models – selecting the best way to apply gesso. Your project great, but I use very thin it ’ s talk about some of the &! The next order for you great substitute for the paint and have control on the product the. Your base coat for your project resin very well up quite easily primers of those I ve. Primer helps with effect, the selection of which will depend on your preference ) to miniature. This cleaning process 've used all kinds of primers ( Tamiya,,... For miniatures/ dollhouses or projects with fine cut details ( 1/4 scale siding etc ). On larger models, as you ’ ll see why below as black, white, or as primer. Leisure activity so that you take your time with this application option us... Miniature needs to be painted scale miniatures MTG Deck Boxes in 2020 brush-on coatings if you ’ ll why. Clean and prepare your miniature or model before applying the paint layers paint your miniature will using! Only have a smooth work surface, making it ideal for working with bigger miniatures however... Simply means do you like to use an airbrush or aerosol primer would with the grey as a miniature,. Paint is to ensure that you will want to ensure that you will therefore have to finer. On the result also makes the process of working with plastic and primer for plastic,,. Does a wonderful job without breaking the bank either acrylics and oils you like to darken something you.