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Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing being carried out by foreign fishing trawlers in the waters off Somalia will ultimately force local fishing communities into maritime crime.

International naval efforts and maritime security teams on board commercial vessels are currently the only deterrents to the pirates who remain dormant in Somalia.

A recent visit to the town of Eyl in northern Somalia, by Andrew Harding, Africa correspondent for the BBC, suggests pirate bosses are lying in wait for the opportunity to resume full piracy operations.

The start of this week has focused on the worrying ‘Pirate Blitz’ that occurred within a 30 hour window from Friday 21st August to Saturday 22nd August, off the coast of Singapore.

Six vessels were targeted by between five and six opportunistic thieves armed with knives who are all thought to be part of the same pirate organisation.

In under three weeks, two commercial vessels have been fired upon by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf.

On Thursday 14 May, a Singapore flagged tanker was sailing 15 nautical miles from the Iranian coast-line on her way to Fujairah Port, when five Iranian patrol boats were reported to have fired shots across the bow of the vessel.

Three Nigerian crew members who were kidnapped from a small passenger boat in April have been released.

On the night of the 8th April 2015 a small passenger boat, operated by French company Bourbon, was boarded by pirates off of the Nigerian coast. Three Nigerian crew members were taken hostage.

Just over 4 weeks after the kidnapping took place, it has been announced that all three hostages have been released and appear to be in good health.

Militants opposing both the Houthi rebels in Yemen and Yemeni President, Mansour Abdrabbuh Hadi have seized the main airport and port in southern city Mukalla

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula (AQAP) have reportedly driven out troops who were guarding the major port city of Mukalla, Hadramawt province, seizing Riyan airport, the city’s main seaport and oil terminal.

BIMCO has reported that navigation in Yemen's territorial waters has been banned unless vessels are carrying emergency food and medical aid

BIMCO have reported that entry into Yemen's territorial waters has been banned. The ban applies to all vessels unless that are carrying emergency food and medical aid, in which case, the ships must be inspected and approved by the Arab State coalition forces currently operating in the region.

Vessels have been turned away from Yemeni ports in the Red Sea as the Arab State coalition tightens blockades.

Commercial and private vessels are being turned away from Yemeni ports in the Red Sea that have been deemed to be under Houthi rebel control by the Arab State coalition.

An Iranian vessel that was fishing illegally in Somalia was seized by pirates, in the first successful hijacking in the region in almost 3 years.

Head of UN's office on Drugs and Crime, Alan Cole, has since warned of a potential resurgence in piracy in the region, following this latest hijacking, as well as the current unrest surrounding the Gulf of Aden and Bab El-Mandeb Strait.

It has been reported that Houthi rebels have placed missiles, cannons and other heavy weaponry on two islands int he Red Sea, including Perim, the island that divides the Bab El-Mandeb Strait into two channels between Djibouti and Yemen.