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A VLCC tanker owned by a Saudi Arabian shipping group was attacked on the 3rd April, south west of the port of Hodeidah in Yemen, in international waters.

Pirate skiffs were scared away from a private yacht off Yemen when Japanese and Pakistani warships came into view.

Regal Maritime Solutions recognised for excellence in the transport security sector at the inaugural Counter Terror Awards 2018.

There has been a significant increase in reports of maritime piracy related incidents in February 2018. West Africa in particular has seen a number of merchant ships experience aggressive encounters with pirate vessels..

The Horn of Africa has also been experiencing increased reports of suspicious vessels and approaches, with at least two attacks on merchant vessels in February being thwarted by the on board private maritime security teams.

All crew and cargo on board the oil-tanker Marine Express have been released, safe and well.

The vessel was released by pirates on the 6th February and it has been confirmed that all 22 crew members on board are well. Additionally the vessel's cargo was also intact upon release.

January 2018 has seen over 20 reported piracy related incidents

Piracy related incidents in the HRA of the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and the south of the Red Sea have largely consisted of suspicious approaches from unidentified vessels.

The vigilance of the crew and security teams on board these approached vessels have been key in preventing the situations escalating any further.

The oil-tanker Marine Express has gone missing off of the coast of Benin, West Africa. Reports state that the last contact made with the vessel was on 01st February 2018.

At this stage, it has not been confirmed whether the ship was hijacked. What is known is that the vessel last made contact whilst at Cotonou Anchorage, on 01st February 2018. This is extremely close to the location that the MT Barrett was reported to be before she was hijacked last month.

On the 2nd January 2018 an Iranian fishing vessel was hijacked off the coast of Somalia. In addition, there have been a total of seven other reported pirate related incidents in 2018 already, indicating that the significant increase in maritime piracy in 2017 is set to continue into the new year.

In a statement released by ship managers Union Maritime, it has been confirmed that the oil products tanker MT Barrett has been released by the pirates who hijacked the vessel on Jan 10 2018:

"Union Maritime can confirm that the MT Barrett has been released after a Gulf of Guinea piracy incident lasting six days. All crew are safe. We are extremely grateful to the many parties that assisted in achieving the successful resolution of this incident.

It has been over a week since any contact has been made with the oil products tanker Barrett.

TThe vessel’s last known whereabouts differ, with reports claiming connection with the vessel was lost whilst the vessel was at Cotonou Anchorage (Benin, Gulf of Guinea) whereas other reports state the vessel was underway.