The start of this week has focused on the worrying ‘Pirate Blitz’ that occurred within a 30 hour window from Friday 21st August to Saturday 22nd August, off the coast of Singapore.

Six vessels were targeted by between five and six opportunistic thieves armed with knives who are all thought to be part of the same pirate organisation.

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In under three weeks, two commercial vessels have been fired upon by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf.

On Thursday 14 May, a Singapore flagged tanker was sailing 15 nautical miles from the Iranian coast-line on her way to Fujairah Port, when five Iranian patrol boats were reported to have fired shots across the bow of the vessel.

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Three Nigerian crew members who were kidnapped from a small passenger boat in April have been released.

On the night of the 8th April 2015 a small passenger boat, operated by French company Bourbon, was boarded by pirates off of the Nigerian coast. Three Nigerian crew members were taken hostage.

Just over 4 weeks after the kidnapping took place, it has been announced that all three hostages have been released and appear to be in good health.

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