The event happened 26 nautical miles off the coast of Yemen on 16th May.

A group of pirates approached the container ship transiting through the Gulf of Aden in the early hours of the 16th May.

The Master of the ship raised the alarm and increased speed. The crew mustered and the armed security team on board immediately fired warning shots at the skiffs which reportedly came within 90 metres of the vessel.

According to the IMB Reporting Centre, a nearby Japanese warship dispatched its helicopter which resulted in the skiffs being forced away.

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Ports are usually large, busy hubs where the highest security measures should be implemented. However there are many countries around the world who do not have the resources or infrastructure to properly secure their ports. This is a problem for merchant and pleasure vessels alike, who call at these ports for a variety of reasons. The below list identifies five of the most dangerous ports that cruise liners were calling at as of 2015:

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French Navy frigate FS Provence intercepted the unregistered boat in the north area of the Indian Ocean, which was bound for Somalia.

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