In a statement released by ship managers Union Maritime, it has been confirmed that the oil products tanker MT Barrett has been released by the pirates who hijacked the vessel on Jan 10 2018:

"Union Maritime can confirm that the MT Barrett has been released after a Gulf of Guinea piracy incident lasting six days. All crew are safe. We are extremely grateful to the many parties that assisted in achieving the successful resolution of this incident.

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It has been over a week since any contact has been made with the oil products tanker Barrett.

TThe vessel’s last known whereabouts differ, with reports claiming connection with the vessel was lost whilst the vessel was at Cotonou Anchorage (Benin, Gulf of Guinea) whereas other reports state the vessel was underway.

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Nigerian Warship defends British vessel from pirates

On 17 August armed pirates approached and boarded a British cargo ship that was underway. The Captain raised the alarm and the Nigerian Navy promptly came to its aid and intercepted the pirate attack. The pirates were stopped by the Navy's firepower and swiftly turned away.

The Navy embarked the cargo ship and rescued the crew, who had already locked them selves in the citadel.

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