Regal Maritime Solutions has been awarded ISO 28007:2012 and ISO 28000:2007 certification. It comes after the company has been deemed to successfully comply with the requirements of the industry standard issued by ISO.

The internationally recognised certification provides a carefully developed list of specifications for Private Maritime Security companies to meet in order to offer a safe, efficient and reliable service – which is subsequently monitored by the issuing authority to ensure standards are maintained.

Regal Maritime Solutions have been operating successfully since 2011, providing exemplary maritime security services to merchant and pleasure vessels transiting high risk areas. Regal Maritime Solutions applied for the certification in order to further reassure existing and potential new clients of the company’s dedication to meeting and delivering the highest industry standards. Managing director of the company Steven Roberts said:

“I am delighted that Regal Maritime Solutions has achieved these standards. The team in the company work extremely hard to ensure that the highest standards are consistently delivered to our clients and this achievement is clear recognition of that. I am happy to see that the number of piracy attacks has decreased and I firmly believe that this is primarily down to the success of industry leaders like Regal Maritime Solutions.

At the recent Annual Africa Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit, Robert Missen, Head of the European Commission’s Land and Maritime Security Unit said that “the key factor in the sharp drop in incidents was the greater presence of armed guards.” This shows that there is little doubt that the shipping industry will continue to work with maritime security companies for the foreseeable future and we at Regal Maritime Solutions look forward to consistently delivering a first class security service in return”